Services:Optical Etching focuses a large amount of light energy on a very small area which is extremely effective for cutting/etching complex shapes and photographic imaging. This "laser beam" produces a narrow kerf in the plastic allowing for close nesting of parts and minimal waste. CO2 lasers vaporize the acrylic as they advance resulting in a clean polished edge but with highstress levels, also known as a "Flame Edge".

There are two categories of service provided.

LASER ENGRAVING: Some materials can be both cut and engraved We are also introducing the new service of "Grit-Free"© glass bottle etching. These processes are used alone and in combination with each other depending upon the material and the project goals.

LASER CUTTING: up to nominal 1/2" ACRYLIC. ACRYLIC cuts cleanly leaving a polished "Flame" edge. Like many laserable materials, an adhesive or magnetic adhesive backing can be applied prior to cutting the finished shape. Optical Etching cuts Wood & Plastics, but especially Leather with a "No-Fray Cortorized Edge".

You can use a laser for:LED Applications / Custom Accenting • Metal parts and plastics for Cars and Motorcycles • Stone Backplashes • Cabinets • Leather Products • Etchings & Inlays • Window Signage • Glass Door Etchings • Walls, Floors & Entrances • Slate Walkways • Wine Bottles
Laser Etching is for that Creative Gift/Award/Plaque/Wall that will always be cherished and remembered...
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